So, batch #4 made its way from bucket to carboy today. It fermented super vigorously in the bucket. the morning after I finished it, I checked it and the krausen had clawed its way into the airlock, so I had to grab an empty jug and create a blowoff tube for it.

Also, I had my first taste of batch #3 last night, and that one surprised me. In the end, it came out looking and tasting very much like a golden ale, but with noticeable “wheatiness” to it. I can’t really describe it well, so you should come by and have one if you’re interested!

Batch #4 is an IPA, and it definitely smells like it. The 6.5 ounces of hops probably have something to do with that. I am going to swing by Brewing World today to pick up some hops for dry hopping, and let that sit for another week before they make their way into the bottles. I’m super excited about this one, I think it could be my best yet.