I know this blog has been silent for a while, but I tend to only think to do this when I’m really excited for something or something has gone wrong. Unfortunately, we’re looking at the latter here.

First and foremost, I shattered my carboy. Well, to be honest, gravity did the falling and the floor did the shattering, but I saw it unfolding before my very eyes.

Broken Carboy

I had just gone into the brewing supplies closet to put away my notebook, and did not close the door like I usually do. I don’t know how setting a notebook on top of my kettle caused so much of a disturbance, but it caused enough to send the carboy falling. It landed mouth first and bounced, and in my head I said “Oh great, it bounced, it survived the fall!” but it landed on the rounded edge on the second hit, and went to pieces. Luckily, a lifetime of broken shit at the store trained me in how to pick up broken glass, so I emerged unscathed. I’ll be buying a new carboy and a proper carboy stand once I get paid later this week.