So.. that alcohol taste in beer #2 got even stronger. To the point where it is undrinkable. It tastes more like rubbing alcohol than beer. Unfortunately, it will have to see its way to the drain. It’s my first casualty of brewing.

The good news is that batch #3 is already well on its way. When I was buying supplies, I bought the wrong kind of malt. I didn’t let it stop me though, and I went ahead and brewed anyway. So, I’m not really sure what style this new beer technically is, but I’ve got more hope for it. I sampled it as I transferred it into secondary this afternoon, and it tasted good. The strangest thing is that it was supposed to be a golden ale, before I fucked up the recipe, and now it is a deep reddish color, so we’ll see how it ends up. I’m intrigued by it. I also decided to dry hop with a half ounce of Saaz hops that I had on hand. More on that later.