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Top Albums of 2019 – Day 4 – The Playlist

YouTube Spotify This is the fun part. A lot of these songs were alluded to in some previous days discussions, and are just here as examples of those albums, so I won’t retread old topics there. I’ll just touch on the stuff that wasn’t mentioned elsewhere. The Get Up Kids[…]

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Top Albums of 2019 – Day Three

This is it, the final set of albums for 2019. Since I like to listen to music when I cook, these are the albums my wife has been subjected to the most in the kitchen throughout the year. No extra stuff at the end today, because these are long reviews[…]

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Top Albums of 2019 – Day Two

Thanks for coming back for three more of my top albums from 2019. Here we go! #6. Future Teens –¬†Breakup Season Sometime in the spring, I saw a tweet that said Future Teens’ then-new track “Emotional Bachelor” was the future, and I thought it was a pretty lofty claim… until[…]

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