b[ack]log #1

Would you believe me if I told you that I kept a bottle of almost every beer I’ve ever had?

Well, believe it.

I once had grand dreams of having a bar in my basement and lining the walls of the bar with these bottles, but then I got into homebrewing and needed bottles for my beer, and this turned out to be the most ample supply available. (Also, this solution is much more wife-friendly than my other idea!) However, since I also have this blog, I figure I might as well add to the content and throw some pictures of them up here as well! So, here’s the first batch of backlogged stuff. This is actually a lot of recent drinks. I’ve had most of these myself, except for a few where other people may have had them from my fridge, or left a bottle at my house. There’s several cases in my garage, so as I go through and clean them up for homebrewing, I’ll post pictures.